SQULZ© (pronounced "Skulls"), HIP Interchangeable Patches for All Ages, is the result of Luca and Nico's (my boys) and Sarah Lacharlotte's (their mom, a.k.a. me) creative collaboration to create a quality design conscious and innovative accessory that appeals to the kid in all of us.

Our original designs are available in countless colors and combinations and we hope that you will enjoy mixing and matching them as much as we enjoy creating them! Currently featuring neoprene, lightweight hook-and-loop, and elastic wristbands, as well as hair accessories and ball chain necklaces as the platforms for the patches, designs are in the works for many other accessories. You can even use them on your own accessories with our SQULZ© Converter Coin.

Also very popular, our SQULZ© Pack-of-Patches are the perfect treat for party favors and can be tailored to your theme and even personalized! SQULZ© is also a great school fundraiser vehicle, as well as a cool summer camp gift!

Use them for sports teams, charity events, or just for fun! With our wide variety of designs and colors, you can find something for everyone!

In keeping with our Design Meets Function philosophy, we love to think of different uses for our wristbands! Accessorize your backpacks, attach your lunch bags, personalize your luggage, organize your cables, tie your hair in a pony tail, these are just a few of the double functions our wristbands have. SQULZ© patent pending system allows for both overhanging patches to appear like they are floating on your wristband, and for the patches to be wearable in water and still keep their structure.

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